The Web Met Group

Last updated on October 2016    
  • Equipment, Instrumentation Services & Turnkey Contractor
  • Agricultural/ Livestock equipments, Scientific Lab Test, Medical, Geo-technical/ Survey & System machinery setup/Training
  • Safety & Rescue Equipments, Mountaineering and Climbing Gears
  • Sound System and PA Equipments
  • ICT products & services (Computer Hardwares, Database & Software Solutions)
  • Telecommunication & Airport System Equipments/ Tools & Softwares including Optical Fiber Instrumentation and Networking & Security Solutions
  • Renewable/ Alternative Energy related components & services
  • Design and Installation contractor of Power Generators, Refrigeration and AC systems
  • Security Solutions and Hi-tech CCTV
  • Consultancy, Research and Development in Agriculture, ICT and Energy Sectors
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