Agriculture & Livestock Sector

Met Group is sole distributor in Nepal for Liquid Nitrogen Container/ Cryopreservation Equipment & Dry Shipper used in Artificial Insemination/ Livestock breeding & Biological material (Cryogenic Storage & Transportation) manufactured by world renowned MVE Brand manufactured by Chart ind., USA and Chart BioMedical (Chengdu) Co. Ltd, China (JV of China Ministry of Agriculture & Chart Ind USA). The company has also started to work as authorized dealer of walking type Rice Transplanter manufactured by Nantong FLW, Spraying Equipment by Jet Stream, Australia & TECNOSAC Srl, Italy for milking machine. We are also a leading supplier of Quality genetics, semen, embryos and Sexed Semen (sex-selected inseminates) of top producing sires produced by Sexing Technologies and AG World Int, IL, USA as well as sole representative of Cadenza Boers, Australia for live boer Goat importation. Met Group is government approved importer for live animals under provision of Animal Health and Livestock Service Act 1988 and Animal Quarantine Act 2008 meeting all the technical standard of Livestock Production Directorate of Nepal.

IT, TELECOM & Geo-Tech Survey

Authorized dealer of Aethra, Italy & VU Telepresence, USA for video conferencing system. MET is distributor of CHC (DGPS for GIS Survey) & Aitelong, China for all kinds of communication network & Optical Fiber test instruments. MET Group is also a reseller associate of world's renowned brands like Kenwood (wireless communication), MSi & Brother products for office automation. The company is recently appointed as an authorized country representative and distributor of OYO corporation, Japan, a global corporate group that has wide expertise & product solution in Seismic exploration equipment, Physical logging, Ground/ surface monitoring equipment relating to overall earth geo-science, geophysics, soil mechanics, civil engineering & hydrogeology etc. focused to countermeasures natural disaster and environmental issues.

EQUIPMENT - Sound, Security/ Fire Safety Solutions, Rescue & Early Warning System (EWS)

Met Group is dealing as an authorized representative partner for Nepal territory for following world's renowned brand for complete solution provider in Sound, Safety & EWS. BOSCH Security, Germany for CCTV & public address system, ELECTRO - VOICE (Ev), Germany for world class Sound Systems. SPASCIANI, Italy, ABS srl, Italy & Seacom Air, Germany for Fire Fighting Equipments/ SCBA/ High Pressure Compressor/ Deep Water Diving Set & Skylotek, Germany for all kinds of Safety/ Mountaineering & Rescue Gears. Also Lion King, China & NESA, Italy /SEBA Hydrometrie GMBH, Germany for Early warning system/ Hand Siren and Telemetric/ Hydrological station.

SCIENTIFIC LAB, Analytical Diagnostic, Road Safety, Environment & Traffic Control

Authorized Distributor of PETROTEST (Material Quality, Petroleum test) Germany & KOENG (Automobile and Environmental) Pollution test equipment (Korea), SENTECH Breathalyzers, Korea, STALKER Radar, USA (Traffic Safety & Surveillance). Sole distributor of R-Biopharm test/kit system for detection of Micotoxins, illegal residue & microbiological contamination for food and feed diagnostics. We are serving to no. of major public hospitals, Bio & material quality Test Laboratories, livestock industries and health institution in Nepal

Relief, Disaster recovery (Reconstruction materials / Pre-Fab)

Giving high priority to the disaster recovery we are also focused and working on support, supply services, construction & transportation of emergency, relief & reconstruction materials (earthquake proof low cost houses, pre-fab, CGI sheets etc) in cooperation with Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management Programme (CDRMP)/ UNDP, Action Aid, Save the children, Practical Action etc.


Pre-qualified solar company by AEPC/ Govt of Nepal to distribute solar home system and has established a separate manufacturing/ assembling unit for different Solar PV System components with own brand name Our numbers of projects are focused on establishing Solar Power System to enable ICT in rural areas of Nepal where no electrical grid lines are connected.


Besides, we are also one of the leading supplier and installer of large range of architectural & musical fountains, sprinkle & drip irrigation.

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