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Study on Software Piracy in Kathmandu Valley. The Main objective of this project is to find out the cases of the illegitimate use of computer software in Kathmandu valley and its nature as well as the verdict given by the court on these issues.

The project also aims to list out the institutions actively working against the software piracy and find the ways to inhibit the illegitimate use of computer software. The final report was submitted on the basis of the research with all the recommendation for betterment.

Nepal Copyright Registrar’s Office
Development of MIS Software for maintaining the information of approximately 19000 students and teachers using MS Access as back-end and Visual Basic as front-end tool Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM), Ministry of Tourism and Culture
Comparative Study of Songs and Music's Production, Publication, Sales and Distribution/ Market Research in Kathamndu, Bhaktapur & Lalitpur Districts for Nepal Copy Right Registrar's Office. Nepal Copyright Registrar’s Office
Study on Internet Marketing and Special Reference to its Significance in E-Commerce in Nepal. The main objective of this project to promote e-commerce as well as e-marketing and study for the optimum utilization of investments in ICT by all entrepreneurs. The project also aims to review the government policy on development of IT sector and make recommendation. Central Department of Management, TU  
Inventory Control Software. The project was a menu driven package developed in Oracle 8.0 based on Window NT release 4.0 platforms. The data entry and menu facilities are developed using Developer 2000 as a front end tools. India Education Center (IEC)  

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