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S.N. Clients Details (Supply/ Services) Services Delivered in FY
1. District Livestock Service Offices of Siraha, Parbat, Argakhanchi, Sindhpalchowk, Gulmi & Kapilvastu districts Liquid Nitrogen Containers and other Artificial Insemination/ Breeding Equipments/items 2015/2016
2. Kisankalagi Unnat Biu-Bijan Karyakram (KUBK)/ ISFP-[IFAD Loan No: I-881-NP & Grant No: I-DSF-8106-NP] High breed / Full Blood Live Breeding Boer goat (50 Nos) from Australia for Improved Seed for Farmers Programme (ISFP). Importation job includes pre-inspection and verification of health condition and disease free status in accordance with the agreed guidelines for goat health condition between Australia and Nepal as well as the criteria of animal health quarantine & livestock act of Nepal for imports. (Contract value of Nrs 15 Million) Contract No. KUBK-ISFP/NCB-BBG-03/2072/73. 2015/2016
3. Directorate of Livestock Production, Hariharbhawan Large capacity liquid nitrogen storage tank (3000 Ltr) for the purpose of livestock breeding & artificial insemination in NLBC Pokhara, DOLS Lahan and DOLS Chitwan. Includes civil works for installation & factory visit coordinating short training to DOLP technicians for smooth operation and management of large capacity storage tank. (Contract Value of Nrs 7.45 million) (IFB No.: DOLP/NCB/G/207-73/04/P4 Slice -4). 2015/2016
4. Kisankalagi Unnat Biu-Bijan Karyakram (KUBK)/ ISFP-[IFAD Loan No: I-881-NP & Grant No: I-DSF-8106-NP] High quality livestock/ Bovine breed (Pure Jersey Sexed Semen- 1000 doses) from USA for artificial insemination program under Improved Seed for Farmers Programme (ISFP)/ KUBK -Contract Identification No KUBK-ISFP/NCB- PJS-01/2071/72 funded by International Fund for Agricultural Development 2015/2016
5. Livestock Development Farm, Lampatan, Pokhara Artificial Insemination Equipments/items 2015/2016
6. Multi Stakeholder Forestry Programme/ LI-BIRD Earthquake Relief Items 2015/2016
7. Social Network for Justice & Development (SNJD), Jhapa Early Warning System/ Hand Siren, Search & Rescue 2015/2016
8. United Nations Office Project Services (UNOPS) Household Enrolment Center Kits/ Earthquake relief programme (PO Ref: 3013586) 2015/2016
9. UNDP Nepal HF Radio Power supply device, CODAN Transceiver Supply (Model: TS3020 H) for different DEOC/REOCs (PO No 10-0000022795) 2015/2016
10. Civil Aviation Academy/CAAN, Sanothimi Self Containing Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Complete set, Fire Safety Items 2015/2016
11. Community Infrastructure and Livelihood Recovery Programme (LRP)/ UNDP Field Gears for early recovery initiative of UNDP team to support the people affected by the 2015 earthquakes 2015/2016
12. Local Initiatives for Biodiversity, Research and Development (LI-BIRD) - SDC, Swiss agency, DKH, Germany & DF/MFA, Norway Silpaulin for earthquake affected victims of Sindhupalchowk, Dolakha, Ramechap, Khotang, Okhaldhunga and Sindhuli districts under Rebuilding Family Farming (RFF) project (Contract Ref No.: 2072/73-Con-278) (Contract Value: Nrs 9 million) 2015/2016
13. UNDP/ Department of Urban Development Building Construction (DUDBC) Non Destructive Test Equipments ( Bartracker covermeter, Silver Schmidt Concrete Test Hammer, Programmable digital concrete hammer, Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Tester & Calibration) - PO No: NPL10-0000022256 2015/2016
14. District Livestock Service Office, Sarlahi Liquid Nitrogen Containers and other Artificial Insemination Equipments/items 2015/2016
15. Kathmandu Sustainable Urban Transport Project/ PMCO-KSUTP- ADB (ADB Project N: 44058) STALKER I Stationary Radar Gun (Contract No: KSUTP/G/MTPD/SG-04) 2015/2016
16. Rastriya Banijya Bank, Pharping Branch CCTV and security monitoring system 2015/2016
17. Animal Breeding Division, Nepal Agriculture Research Station (NARC) Estrous Synchronization Hormone for goat (Controlled Internal Drug Release Dispenser, CIDR) CIDR Applicator, Estradial (Bomerol), Chrulon, Estrumate PGF2 Alpha, Hormone for AI & research (Fertagyl/ Bomerol & GNRH), PMSG (Folligon 1000 IU) 2015/2016
18. Rapid Enterprise and Livelihoods Recovery Project (RELRP)/ UNDP Emergency Relief, Search & Rescue items/ Equipments   2015/2016
19. District Livestock Service Office, Dalbhanjyang, Gorkha Milk Analyzer, Nitrogen Container 2015/2016
20. Directorate of Livestock Production, Hariharbhawan Livestock Breeding, Liquid Nitrogen Containers, Dry Shipper / Artificial Insemination Equipments.Factory visit and coordinating short training to DOLP technicians for smooth operation and management of liquid nitrogen storage tank. (Contract value: Nrs 8.7 million) (IFBNo.: DOLP/NCB/G/2071-72/03) 2014/2015
21. District Livestock Service Office, Dadeldhura Milk Analyzer 2014/2015
22. Kisankalagi Unnat Biu-Bijan Karyakram (KUBK)/ ISFP-IFAD Loan No: I-881-NP -    Pure Jersey Semen 7000 doses -    Nitrogen container -    Office equipments (Contract No KUBK-ISFP/NCB- GP-01/2071/72) 2014/2015
23. Regional Directorate of Livestock Services, Biratnagar, Morang Artificial Insemination Equipments (LNC, Dry Shipper) Artificial Insemination Equipments (LNC, Dry Shipper) 2015/2016 2014/2015
24. SAHAMATI/ Trans Boundary (Nepal-India) Flood Resilience Project, Gaidakot Emergency & Rescue items/ Equipments Emergency & Rescue items/ Equipments 2015/2016 2014/2015
25. Disaster Waste Recovery Satellite Phone & accessories 2014/2015
26. Action Aid International Earthquake Relief & Reconstruction Materials for Sindhupalchowk, Dolakha, Ramechap, Gorakha & Rasuwa District (Contract value: Nrs 50 million) (PO No 1511 & 1547) 2014/2015
27. UNDP/ CDRMP (Comprehensive Disaster Risks Management Project) -          Data & Programming accessories for GP 388 communication system -          Earthquake Relief Materials 2015/2016   2014/2015
28. CFGORRP -UNDP/ DHM, Community Based Flood & Glacial Lake Outbrust Risk Reduction Project Civil Works, Supply & Installation of community based early warning system in 5 rivers of Dhanusha, Mahottari, Siraha, Saptari & Udaypur districts. Assignment includes establishment of stream gauge, rain gauges, calibration of bridge piers, hand siren and communication items (Contract Ref No: RFQ/001/2015) 2014/2015
29. Department of Environment Opacity Smoke Meter & Gas Analyzer for Vehicle Emission test 2014/2015
30. Rural Reconstruction Nepal (RRN) Early Warning System/ Hand Siren 2014/2015
31. Comprehensive Disaster Risks Management Project (CDRMP)/ UNDP Flood Disaster management and recue Equipments for Armed Police Force and Associated Accessories of Deep Water Diving Suit (Contract value: 10 million) (PO No NPL10-0000020062) 2014/2015
32. Building Construction Maintenance Division, Dept of Urban Development & Building Construction (18th SAARC Implementation Unit) Construction, installation and commissioning of Exterior Architectural Fountain with Electrical light sequencing for the main venue of 18th South Asia Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), a very prestigious site for the host country. A great achievement of our team despite of highly challenging task due to short period of time. (Contract No.: 08/071/072 ‐ SAARC/BCMDO) 2014/2015
33. Nation Diary Development Board (NDDB) High Quality Sexed Semen of HF and Jersey 2013/2014
34. Nepal Aurveda Research and Training Center Conference Sound System 2013/2014
35. Directorate of Livestock Production (DoLP) -    High Quality HF & Jersey Embryos -    Livestock Breeding equipments, LNC & Dry Shippers (Contract Value above 15 million) (IFB No.: DOLP/G/01/2070-71-NCB) 2013/2014
36. District Forest Office /DFO, Dailekh Wild Fire Fighting Equipments 2013/2014
37. District Livestock Office, Siraha, Bara, Dhanusa Livestock Breeding equipments/ AI, LNC Livestock Breeding equipments/ AI, LNC 2014/2015 2013/2014
38. FAO Nepal Milk Analyzer 2013/2014
39. VDC Kailali Livestock Breeding equipments/ AI, LNC  
40. District Forest Office /DFO, Rupandehi Wild Fire Fighting Equipments 2013/2014
41. Directorate of Livestock Market Promotion Milk Analyzer/ Lactoscan MCC with computer 2013/2014
42. DDC, Chitwan Rescue Equipment 2013/2014
43. Oppressed Community Development Center/ OCDC/ Heifer International Banke Livestock Breeding equipments/ AI, LNC 2013/2014
44. District Forest Office/ DFO Salyan Wild Fire Fighting Equipments Wild Fire Fighting Equipments 2014/2015 2013/2014
45. Disaster Management Battalion No.2 , Chitwan Rescue/ Disaster Preparedness Items 2013/2014
46. District Livestock Office, Kathmandu Livestock Breeding equipments/ AI, LNC 2013/2014
47. District Livestock Office, Makwanpur Livestock Breeding equipments/ AI, LNC 2013/2014
48. ADB/ KSUTP, Kathmandu Sustainable Urban Transport Project/ PMCO -    Smoke Meter + Gas Analyzer -    Photographic Equipments -    Breathalyzer for law enforcement -    Traffic control room Monitor system & EPABX, Printer 2013/2014
49. DWIDP, Department of Water Induced Disaster Prevention) GPS 2013/2014
50. Livestock Quality Management Laboratory - Milk Analyzer - Microplate Reader/Washer, Total Affalatoxin ELISA Kit - Aflatoxin B1 standard kit 2013/2014
51. Action Aid International Rescue/ Disaster Preparedness Items, Deep Water Diving Equipments with oxygen cylinder Pulling/ Lifting machine 2013/2014
52. CDRMP -UNDP/ National Emergency Operation Center,Ministry of Home Affairs Wireless Audio Conference System Installation and orientation training to National Emergency Operation Center under ministry of home affairs funded by CDRMP/ UNDP, a programme formulated to strengthen institutional aspects of Disaster risk management in Nepal by building capacity of key government ministries.. main products are BOSCH and EV 2013/2014
53. CFGORRP -UNDP/ DHM, Community Based Flood & Glacial Lake Outbrust Risk Reduction Project -    Training on High Altitude Mountaineering -    Trekking items/ Equipments, PAC Chamber -    O2 Chamber, Cylinder, Gas Flow regulator, Mask -    GPS, Satellite Phone, Printer, Fire Ext, Camera, Projector -    Solar Hybrid Backup System (1500 Wp) & Electrical Works for Ktm Head office, Lahan, Siraha, Udaypur, Mahottari 2013/2014
54. US Embassy, PACOM Augmentation Team Nepal - Livestock Breeding equipments/ AI, LNC, Semen of US Top sires - AI Equipment - LNC, Refree, Hormones, Semen of US top sires 2013/2014
55. Nepal Agriculture Research Council, Singhadurbar Plaza Rice Transplanter, Power Spraying Equipment 2012/2013
56. VDC Office, Ilam AI Equipment, LNC, Refree 2012/2013
57. Care Nepal, Patan Early Warning System/ Hand Siren 2012/2013
58. VDC Office, Okhaldhunga Liquid Nitrogen Container, Semen Refree & AI Gun 2012/2013
59. ICIMOD, Khumaltar Radio Communication Equipments   2013/2014 2012/2013
60. Livestock Services Sub center, Okhaldhunga AI equipments, Dry Shipper, AI Gun 2012/2013
61. World Vision Int'l Nepal Semen Refree & AI Gun 2012/2013
62. Civil Aviation Authority Nepal (CAAN), Babarmahal Self Containing Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Complete set 2012/2013
63. Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Singhadurbar IT Hardwares, Conferencing Miking System & Electrification Work 2011/2012  
64. Practical Action EWS/ Hand Siren, Megaphone EWS/ Hand Siren, Megaphone Gas Mask/ Emergency Early Warning System EWS/ Hand Siren, Megaphone 2015/2016 2014/2015 2013/2014 2012/2013 2011/2012
65. Help Society Nepal, Tulasipur, Dang Liquid Nitrogen Container, Semen Refree & AI Gun 2011/2012
66. Rural Women Development Center, Ghorahi, Dang Liquid Nitrogen Container, Semen Refree & AI Gun 2011/2012
67. District Live stock Development Office, Bhaktapur Liquid Nitrogen Container 2011/2012
68. Directorate of Livestock Production, Hariharbhawan - Different LNC (Contract Value above 10 million) - Milk Analyzer, Lactoscan (IFB No: DOLP/G/01/2011-NCB) - Above 35 million contract value for supply of Agri equipments including Liquid Nitrogen Container (50 ltr, 30 ltr & 2 ltr and Semen Refree (IFB No. DOLP/G/01/2013-NCB ) 2012/2013 2012/2013   2011/2012
69. UNHCR, Maharajgunj IT equipments 2011/2012
70. Nepal National Social Welfare Association, Mahendranagar Emergency Warning System/ Hand Siren/Megaphone 2011/2012
71. Forum for Human Right & Disabled Nepal Center, Dang Emergency Warning System/ Hand Siren/ Megaphone 2011/2012
72. National Sports Council, Tripureshwor Sports Equipments Sports Equipments 2012/2013 2011/2012
73. Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management, Ravibhawan Coffee Making Machine w/ Automatic Grinder 2011/2012
74. Save the Children, Baghdurbar Disaster preparedness Items Emergency Warning System/ Hand Siren 2012/2013 2011/2012
75. Oxfam GB Nepal, Jawalakhel Emergency Warning System/ Hand Siren 2011/2012
76. Office of District Livestock Services, Sankuwasabha Liquid Nitrogen Container and Semen Refree 2011/2012
77. Mercy Corps, Sanepa Emergency Warning System/ Hand Siren & Megaphone 2013/2014 2012/2013 2011/2012
78. Enhancing Access to Justice Project/ UNDP PA/ Sound Systems 2011/2012
79. UNDP, UN House, Pulchowk - Wireless Audio Conference System - Conference / PA Sound Equipments 2013/2014 2011/2012
80. Avian Influenza Control Project, DoHS, Teku IT equipments for media center 2011/2012
81. Central Cattle and Buffalo Promotion Office, DoLP, Hariharbhawan IT Equipments Milk Analyzer, LNC, AI Refree 2012/2013 2011/2012
82. Nepal Academy of Music and Stagecraft, Chauni Photography Equipments 2011/2012
83. Central Department of Environment Science, TU, Kirtipur IT equipments & Lab setup 2011/2012 2010/2011
84. VDC Office, Kailali LNC & AI Refree 2011/2012
85. Agriculture Engineering Division, Nepal Agriculture Research Center, Lalitpur 4-Row Walking Type Rice Transplanter 2011/2012
86. Tribhuvan International Airport, Civil Aviation Office, Gauchar Improvement of Public Announce System (Inspection/Supervision/Testing) 2011/2012
87. Practical Action Nepal/ MASF Dairy Project, Bharatpur, Chitwan Liquid Nitrogen Container and Semen Refree 2011/2012
88. Civil Servant Hospital, Minbhawan Chemical and equipment for Water Treatment Plant 2011/2012
89. Civil Aviation Authority Nepal (CAAN), Babarmahal Rescue Equipments Fire Extinguisher, Mobile dry chemical powder 6 kg 2011/2012 2011/2012
90. National Livestock Breeding Center (NLBC), Kaski, Pokhara Liquid Nitrogen Container, Semen Refree, Milk Analyzer, Prostaglandin Hormone (Lutalyse) 2011/2012
91. Mountain Academy Nepal, Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation Mountaineering/ Safety Equipments/ Gears Videography Equipments Mountaineering and Safety Equipments , accessories for Everest Climbing program for 30 members 2011/2012   2010/2011
92. Dhulikhel Municipality Office/ KU, Dhulikhel Audio-Visual and Security equipments 2011/2012
93. Nepal Telecom, Satellite Service Directorate, Tripureswor Video Teleconference Camera and LCD TV 2011/2012
94. Directorate of Wireless Telephone, Nepal Telecom, , Chauni VSAT Backhaul and 1.8m antenna system of GSM Micro BTS of Dandakharka repeater station, Solukhumbu and Gorkha districts 2011/2012
95. Information Technology Department, Nepal Electricity Authority, Durbarmarg Optical Fiber Installation from Hetauda Grid-Narayani Regional Office-NEA (6000 mtr) Central Store Hetauda 2010/2011
96. High Level Commission of Information Technology (HLCIT), Shinghadurbar Video Conference Camera & LCD TV 2010/2011
97. Nepal Telecom, Power Department, Directorate of Wireless Telephone, Chauni Laptops, ICT hardwares & accessories 2010/2011
98. Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology, Ministry of Industry Smoothness and Porosity Tester (Bendsten type)-1, Digital Hydraulic Tester -1, Heating Mantle 2010/2011
99. Central Road Laboratory, Department of Roads Electronic Automatic Penetrometer of Bituminous Material 2010/2011
100. Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), Central Office Breathing Air Compressor 2010/2011
101. Bir Hospital Nursing Campus, National Academy of Medical Sciences Bio-Models and hospital/ Lab equipments 2010/2011
102. Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), Central Office Safety Equipments (SCBA - Breathing Apparatus) 2010/2011
103. Rural Access Program (RAP), DFID/WSP Safety Equipments 2010/2011
104. Community Livestock Development Project (CLDP), Hariharbhawan Liquid Nitrogen Container and Semen Refree IT and Lab Equipments (IFB No 01/B & 01/C) 2013/2014 2012/2013 2011/2012 2010/2011
105. UNDP-Constitution Assembly Secretariat/ Constitution Building Support Project/ CCD BOSCH Security system and conference audio system for more than 14 conference hall under the Constitution Assembly Secretariat funded by UNDP. The value of contract is approx Nrs 10 million 2009/2010 2010/2011
106. TU Registrar's Office, TU, Kirtipur CCTV Security Surveillance System 2010/2011 2009/2010
107. Faculty of Science and Technology, Office of Dean, Pokhara University Medical & Lab Equipments 2008/2009
108. Tribhuvan International Airport, Civil Aviation Office, Gauchar Optical Fiber Networking in TIACAO International, Radar, Domestic, Airlines Block & Cargo Operation Buildings including Network Server, Internet Sharing, Proxy Server, Firewall and Mail server system setup for more than 250 user accounts 2008/2009
109. Flood Damaged Rehabilitation Project-ADB, Min Bhawan IT Equipments 2010/2011 2009/2010 2008/2009
110. Department of Transport Management, Koteshwor Three Phase Electrical System Contracting (15 KVA Generator & Distribution) 2008/2009
111. Directorate General of Medical Services, Nepal Army Head Quarters Medical Equipments 2008/2009
112. Nepal Copy Right Registrar's Office, Kalikasthan Study / Research on Computer Software Piracy in Kathamndu Valley 2008/2009
113. Community Based Water Supply & Sanitation Project, PMU Office Tangal -World Bank Solar PV System to operate office equipments in Project Unit Office, Mugu, Achham and Bajura Districts. 2008/2009
114. Maharajgunj Campus, Institute of Medical Sciences ICT & CCTV Security Surveillance Equipments 2008/2009
115. Department of Livestock Services, Livestock Production Directorate IT and Office Equipments lab equipments & Liquid Nitrogen Container 2010/2011 2008/2009
116. Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC)/ Energy Sector Assistance Program (ESAP) -DANIDA (2008- 2012) Government of Nepal with support from DANIDA, EC, FINIDA, SNV program to provide subsidy to around 250000 Small Size Solar PV System (Solar Tuki) focusing to the rural poor of all parts of Nepal. MET is among the Pre- Qualified Manufacturer/ Installer of this system and is disseminating the system in all rural districts and is going to be completed at FY 2012. 2008/2009
117. Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project, FINIDA, Pokhara ICT Equipments 2008/2009
118. Mount Digit Technology, Jaulakhel ICT Equipments 2008/2009
119. Nepal Electricity Authority, Kathmandu Center Line Distribution Center Electrical Equipments, Line materials and accessories 2008/2009
120. Civil Aviation Academy, Sinamangal Three Phase Electrical System Contracting (25 KVA Power Generator & Distribution) 2008/2009
121. Large Taxpayer Office, Hariharbhawan Electrical System Contracting (15 KVA Power Generator & Distribution) 2008/2009
122. National Center For AIDS & STD Control, Teku Digital Handy & Digital Camera Electrical System Contracting (25 KVA Generator & Distribution) 2011/2012 2008/2009
123. District Development Committee, Bhaktapur IT Hardwares 2008/2009
124. Citizen Investment Trust Electronic Door Access Control and security System 2008/2009
125. Britain Nepal Medical Trust (BNMT), Lazimpat Computers and accessories 2008/2009 2007/2008
126. Telecom Training Center, Nepal Telecom, Babarmahal Optical Fiber Instruments and Accessories (Fusion Splicing Equip, OTDR, Optical Attenuator, Light Source, Power Meter, Tube and Splicing tools etc) 2008/2009
127. Gender Equality and Women Empowerment Project (ADB), Dept of Women Development , Hariharbhawan Solar PV System for ICT Equipments and lighting in Project Office of Kalikot, Mugu & Achham Districts. 2008/2009
128. Central Biological Production Laboratory, Tripureshwor Lab Equipments 2007/2008
129. Kathmandu District Court ICT Equipments 2007/2008
130. Department of Livestock Services, Training and Extension Directorate ICT Equipments and accessories 2007/2008
131. Division Road Office, Department of Road ICT Equipments (Hardwares & Softwares) 2007/2008
132. Center for Army Rehabilitation, Nepal Army Electrical/ Medical equipments /H2o purification systems etc 2007/2008
133. Karagar Byawosthapan Bibhag, Kalikasthan IT Equipments 2007/2008  
134. High Level Commission of Information Technology (HLCIT), Shinghadurbar Bandwidth Manager/ Wireless Network System 2007/2008  
135. Community Based Water Supply & Sanitation Project, PMU Office Tangal -World Bank Solar PV System for IT Equipments and Lighting in Project Unit Office, Rukum Districts. 2007/2008  
136. High Level Commission of Information Technology (HLCIT), Shinghadurbar LAN & Computers work stations, Video Conferencing System & Devices   2007/2008 2006/2007  
137. Rastriya Prahari Prakshichan Pratisthan, Maharajgunj Media / Broadcasting System Equipments   2007/2008
138. Nepal Copy Right Registrar's Office, Kalikasthan Comparative Study/ Research of Songs and Music's Production, Publication, Sales and Distribution in Kathamndu, Bhaktapur & Lalitpur Districts 2007/2008
139. Office of Peace Keeping Force, UNIFIL, Army Head Quarter, Bhadrakalisthan Miscellaneous/ Office Systems 2006/2007 2007/2008
140. Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC), MoEST (KARNALI UJYALO PROGRAM) Government of Nepal has provided subsidy to around 60,000 Small Size Solar PV System (Solar Tuki) focusing to the rural poor of Karnali Zone and its adjoining four districts: Jajarkot, Bajhang, Bajura and Achham. MET was among the Pre- Qualified Manufacturer/ Installer of this system and disseminated more than 10000 system in those districts. 2007/2008
141. National Center For AIDS & STD Control, Teku Information and Communication System (Different Hardwares & Softwares) 2006/2007
142. Maternity Hospital Development Board, Thapathali Conference Miking System Setup 2005/2006
143. Department of Education, TU, Kritipur IT Lab Setup & Training 2007/2008 2005/2006
144. Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA), Naxal - Training Equipments including Computers, Printer, Laptops - Supply, Installation & Maintenance of Training Equipments including Computers 2008/2009   2005/2006
145. Ministry of Physical Planning & Construction, Anamnagar IT System Equipments 2005/2006
146. Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), Environmental & Social Studies Department, Addaitmarg Environment/ Air quality monitoring equipment 2005/2006
147. Lok Sewa Aayog, Kamalpokhari Computers and Accessories 2005/2006
148. Patan Multiple Campus, Patandhoka Server System & LAN 2005/2006
149. Road Sector Skills Development Unit (RSSDU), Department of Road, Babarmahal ICT Equipments 2005/2006
150. Department of Information, Media related Equipments 2005/2006
151. Department of Hydrology & Meteorology, Babarmahal Lab Equipment 2005/2006
152. Karmachari Sanchayakosh, Hariharbhawan, Lalitpur IBM E-Server System & External Storage 2005/2006
153. Ministry of Local Development, Hariharbhawan, Lalitpur Conference Miking System   2005/2006
154. National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Hariharbhawan IT Hardwares 2005/2006
155. Micro Enterprise Development Programme (MEDEP)/ UNDP MOICS, Pulchwok computers in different FY 2008/2009 2007/2008 2005/2006
156. Office of Attorney General Of Kingdom of Nepal, Ramshahpath Conference Sound System & Media Equipment 2005/2006 2007/2008
157. Department of Archaeology, Ramshahpath Computer Hardwares & Photographic Equipments 2005/2006 2007/2008
158. Gorkhapatra Sansthan, Dharmapath Computer & accessories 2005/2006 2005/2006
159. Ministry of Water Resources, Shinghadurbar Computer & accessories 2005/2006
160. Community Based Water Supply & Sanitation Project, PMU Office, Tangal IT equipments and accessories 2011/2012 2010/2011 2009/2010 2008/2009 2006/2007 2005/2006
161. Center for Nepal & Asia Studies (CNAS), EC, TU ICT Systems for Training 2005/2006
162. Praganna Kulo Irrigation Project, PIU, DOI IT Systems 2005/2006
163. Thapathali Campus, Institute of Engineering (IOE)/ Mechanical Training System equipments and other electronic 2005/2006
164. TU, Central Office, Kirtipur TU, Registrars Office Computers & Accessories 2007/2008 2005/2006
165. Royal Nepal Academy Auditorium, Kamaladi Sound System with Mixing Console Setup 2005/2006
166.                National Information Technology Center (NITC), Ministry of Science and Technology ICT Equipments setup   2005/2006
167. Institutional Development Support Component, Dept of Irrigation Conference Sound System Setup 2005/2006
168. Regional Forest Training Center, Godavari, Lalitpur IT System & other training equipments setup 2005/2006
169. Pro Public, Civil Society Support Project Conference Miking / Sound System 2005/2006
170. Dairy Development Corporation (DDC), Balaju, Kathmandu IT System Setup 2004/2005
171. Chartered Accountants Association of Nepal (CAAN), Babarmahal IT Hardwares & Services 2004/2005
172. Department of Printing, Singhadurbar Computer and Accessories 2004/2005
173. National Planning Commission (NPC), Singhadurbar Computer and Accessories   2004/2005
174. Groundwater Resource Development Project, Babarmahal Computers and Accessories 2003/2004
175. Department of Survey, Minbhawan GIS and engineering survey equipments & Services 2004/2005 2003/2004
176. Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM), Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Ravibhawan, Kathmandu Development of MIS Software for maintaining the information of approximately 19000 students and teachers using MS Access as back-end and Visual Basic as front-end tool 2004/2005
177. Office of Finance Controller General, Ministry of Finance IT related equipments and Services 2003/04
178. Dept of Animal Health, Tripureshwor IT & Lab equipments and Services 2003/04
179. Maternity Hospital, Thapathali IT related equipments and Services 2003/04
180. Dept. of Water Supply and Sewerage ICT related equipments and Services 2003/04
181. Sampati Nyayaik Janchbujh Aayog, New Baneshwor Computer, Server, Softwares, Local Area Network System and Training 2002/03  
182. Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Singhadurbar Computer &Local Area Network System 2002/03
183. Dept of Forest Research & Survey, Babarmahal GIS Components & Softwares 2002/03
184. Udaypur Cement Industry Ltd., Udaypur, Jaljale Computer and Accessories 2002/03
185. Rural Infrastructure Project, Ministry of Local Development IT related equipments & Services 2002/03  
186. Nepal Rastra Bank, Siddharthanagar Computer and Accessories 2002/03
187. Dept of Special Police Force, Singhadurbar IT related equipments and peripherals 2002/03  
188. FCB, Dept of Road, Babarmahal Computer and Accessories 2002/03
189. Nepal Rastra Bank, Baluwatar Regular & Preventive Maintenance Service of ICT equipments 2002/03  
190. Pulchowk Campus, Institute of Engineering IT Equipments and Accessories 2003/04 2002/03
191. Press Council Nepal, Prithivipath ICT Hardwares, Training & Network System 02/2003 01/2002
192. Pashupati Area Development Trust, Gaushala Computer &Local Area Network System 01/2002  
193. Nepal Army (NAH) Headquarter, Bhadrakalisthan Optical Fiber Network Cabling & Accessories ICT Equipments 2011/2012 03/2004 02/2003 01/2002
194. Ministry of agriculture and Cooperatives, Singhadurbar Computer, Mapping softwares, Hardwares and accessories 05/2006 01/2003
195. Royal Nepal Academy of Science & Technology, (RONAST) Computer and Accessories 01/2002  
196. Rastriya Banijya Bank, Singhadurbar IP Phone IT Systems & Equipments     Laptops and IT accessories 2011/2012 01/2002 02/2003 03/2004 2011/2012
197. Agriculture Research Station, Bhairahawa Computer & Accessories 00/2001
198. Kohalpur Town Development Committee, Kohalpur, Banke Computer & accessories   00/2001  
199. USAID Nepal Head office, Rabibhawan Regular & preventive Maintenance Service of IT Equipments 00/2001  
200. Department of Plant Resources Ministry of Forest & soil conservation Computers & accessories 00/2001  
201. National Management Information Project (NMIP) Department of Water Supply & Sewerage Annual Maintenance Service Contract 00/2001  
202. Lutheran World Federation LWF, Lalitpur - IT Hardwares and Softwares, accessories 2009 06/07/08 03/04 00/01/02
203. Survey Training Center, Department of Survey, Dhulikhel Survey Equipments 00/2001  
204. Ministry of Youth & Culture, South Asia Federation (SAF), Games, 99 Computers and Peripherals 00/2001  
205. Nepal Administrative Staff College, Jawlakhel IT Hardwares and Softwares 00/2001
206. Small Town Water Supply & Sanitation Study Project- ADB Department of Water Supply & Sewerage, Panipokhari Computers and accessories, Annual Maintenance Contract 00/2001
207. Secretariat of Minister's Council, Singhadurbar Computers and Peripherals 99/2000
208. Ministry of Agriculture, Singhadurbar Computers and accessories 99/2000
209. Department of Forest, Planning Division IT Upgrade Contract 99/2000  
210. Department of Immigration IT System 99/2000
211. Singhadurbar Baidhya-Khana Bikash Samiti, Singhadurbar, Ministry of Health Miscellaneous 99/2000
212. District Administration Office, Dolakha, Parbat, Mahottari, Sindhuli, Bhojpur Office equips. & Accessories 99/2000
213. Department of Printing, Singhadurbar Training Program on Windows NT, IT Hardwares & Software 99/2000  
214. District Administration Office, Nuwakot, Makwanpur, Accham, Bhaktapur ICT Equipments & Accessories 99/2000  
215. Ministry of Forest, Singhadurbar Computers & accessories 2003/04 2000/03 1999/00/01
216. Bhaktapur Municipality, Bhaktapur Computer & accessories 99/2000
217. Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) National Headquarter, Kalimati & District Chapter Offices Doti & Kailali   -Early Warning System/ Hand Siren -Disaster Relief Materials, - Digital Camera, OHP, UPS - Branded Computers (IBM) - Recording Studio Equipments including Branded Computer, Mixer (Mackie), Senheiser Headphone & Mic, Powered Monitor and Video Editing Softwares etc - Computer & accessories - Disaster Relief Materials - Computer & accessories - Computer & accessories 2013/2014 2012/2013 2008/09 2008/09 2007/08 2002/03/04 2001/02 2000/01 1999/2000
218. Ministry of Forest & Land Conservation, Department of Forest Computers & Local Area Network (LAN) 1999/2000  
219. Police Headquarter , Home Ministry Sound System 1999/2000
220. Technology Transfer & Development Project (TTDP) Industrial Enterprise Development Inst. Computers and Accessories   1998/99  
221. Institute of Engineering, Engineering Education Project, T.U. Pulchwok Computer and accessories 2002/03 2001/02 1998/99
222. Ministry of Education, Nepal National Commission For UNESCO Conference Miking System 1998/99
223. National Trading Limited, Head Office Computers and Accessories 1997/98  
224. CEMAT / Metcalf & Eddy Inc., USA for Urban Water Supply Reforms In Kathmandu Valley Project (ADB T.A No.2998-NEP) Groundwater Survey Equipment and accessories including GPS and GIS Softwares 1998/99
225. AIT, Kathmandu Plaza ,Kamaladi Computers & Local Area Network (LAN) 1998/99
226. Jewelry Palace , Soltee Hotel Limited Computers and Accessories 1997
227. IRDS: Integrated Rural Developement Service ICT Equipments & Local Area Network (LAN) 1997- 2009

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